Trinity Lutheran Church is a community of people who gather to receive gifts given to us by our Lord, Jesus Christ--His Word and forgiveness.  We all are sinners in need of forgiveness.  Experience His peace with us--join us for worship and fellowship. We come from a variety of backgrounds and places, but we share a common faith, and a love for each other, because of what He did and does for us.  We welcome opportunities to share with others!

Please join us for Sunday worship and fellowship:
  9:30 am      Worship Service*
10:30 am       Coffee and fellowship
11:00 am       Adult and Youth classes

*Infants and small children are welcome in church!  We teach children how to worship by bringing them to worship, and a children's message is part of our worship service.

Weekly Bible Studies are available for men, women, and mixed groups.  For more information, see Bible Studies in the CONNECT menu.


Contact Us: info@grangevilletrinitylutheran.org